The Administrative Workgroup is the “back office” of 350Brooklyn.

We maintain our archive of documents and keep track of our banners, posters, and props.  We pay the bills and thank our donors.  We write grant applications and throw fund-raising parties.  We manage our meetings and get flyers, petitions, and posters printed.

The Admin Workgroup, unlike other workgroups, has no permanent members.  Rather we ask for volunteers via our “Volunteers List” when we have a time-limited project, like planning a fund-raiser, that could use some help.  We also send out requests to the “Volunteers List” when any of the campaigns has one-off tasks that need doing, like staffing a table, putting up flyers, or researching something.

Would you like to be contacted when we have these short projects or one-off tasks?  Email us at .

Get in touch to be added to our volunteer quick action team!