City Action

In a city as complex as ours acting to counter the climate crisis can take many different forms. City Action's mission is to engage as broad a cross-section as possible in the Climate, Environmental and Sustainability work of the city. Our belief is that if the City is spending taxpayer money, their work should reflect - as directly as possible - taxpayer needs, demands and aspirations.  Therefore we seek to create greater transparency and accountability in city climate policy and programs, identifying and sharing best practices for organizing and leadership with an emphasis on research, human stories and connection.

Our current campaigns are wide-ranging.  We are members of the Renewable Rikers Coalition that seeks to end incarceration on Rikers Island and replace it with renewable power generation and a state-of-the-art Wastewater treatment plant.  We also oppose the repowering of toxic peaker plants in our area, specifically the Gowanus plant and Astoria's NRG plant, and support their replacement by battery storage. And in defense of children and low-income communities we are part of the movement to replace the current school bus fleet with electric school buses.

350Brooklyn's City Action Committee works to make Brooklyn and New York City leaders not only in climate policy but in the sustained actions and engagement needed to make those policies effective.

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