Climate Idea Exchange

350Brooklyn’s Climate Idea Exchange focuses on building thought-provoking, interactive programming around climate-related topics of interest.  The group is currently working on a Climate Wednesdays Series, a collaboration with Brooklyn Public Library to organize educational events at library branches. The first series, "Solutions for a Cooler Brooklyn," launched in Fall 2019 at the Grand Army Plaza Central Library with four evenings devoted to different aspects of the global climate crisis, with an emphasis on local action.

The Climate Wednesdays 2020 series will be presented virtually through the fall.The Climate Wednesdays team is also developing a podcast in-tandem with the  library series, which will feature “My Climate Story” interviews with a selection of the events’ speakers. The podcast is slated for release in September 2020 - stay tuned!

Handouts from our series at the Brooklyn Public Library

September 2019, "The Big Green Picture: Local Strategies for a Livable World"

October 2019, “Climate Smart Energy: Heating, Cooling, and Turning the Lights On”

November 2019,  “Parenting in the Age of Climate Change”

December 2019: “Green New Meal: The Food-Climate Connection”

February 2020, “Our Bodies, Our Climate: Public Health and the Climate Crisis