People Vs Fossil Fuels

350 Brooklyn has joined the national People vs. Fossil Fuels coalition, which consists of more than 1,200+ organizations across the country to call on President Biden to take bold executive action, declare a #ClimateEmergency and stop fossil fuel projects.

Although renewables have won the price war, as wind and solar are cheaper and safer to produce and distribute than coal and gas across a variety of uses; and despite the fact that science has made it clear we cannot continue burning coal, oil, and gas if we are going to avoid the worst impacts of the climate crisis: the fossil fuel industry is not going down without a fierce battle.

At the same time, primarily BIPOC communities from the NorthWest to Louisiana are fighting fossil fuel infrastructure on the ground, where dirty and poisonous fossil fuel infrastructure is destroying the soil, water, and the communities that live there, with extremely high rates of asthma, cancer, disability, and poverty.

If Biden declares a Climate Emergency he could:

  • Ban crude oil exports

  • Stop Foreign Fossil Fuel Investment

  • Roll out Renewable Energy and E-Transportation Infrastructure

  • Restrict gas exports

The Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 requires new oil & gas leasing on 620 million acres of public lands and waters. Refusing to sell new leases to the fossil fuel industry will NOT raise gas prices. President Biden has actually been approving drilling permits at a record pace, with no impact on gas prices. The industry already has decades worth of fossil fuel supply, it takes years before new leases can produce new oil, and the price of oil is set on the international market. A few greedy fossil fuel executives are taking advantage of intersecting crises to price gouge the American public. They are making billions of dollars, while Americans suffer at the pump.

Hop on board as 350Brooklyn joins with People vs Fossil Fuels and holds Biden to his climate promises!

Campaign Organizers: Brynn Fuller-Becker, Michele Greenberg, Molly Ornati
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It’s past time for President Biden to declare a climate emergency and block the federal approval of all new fossil fuel projects that are threatening our climate and communities

People Vs Fossil Fuels