Stop the Money Pipeline

Through direct action, letter writing campaigns, and more, 350Brooklyn’s Stop the Money Pipeline (STMP-BK) workgroup challenges the biggest global funders of climate destruction to divest from fossil fuels. STMP-BK’s actions against JP Morgan Chase and investment management corporation BlackRock support the national Stop the Money Pipeline campaign. The goal is to force the entire financial industry to move their money out of fossil fuels and into renewables.

STMP–BK has engaged in a number of activities over the last few years.  We have created an on-line open letter to Jamie Dimon (CEO of JP Morgan Chase). We have instigated numerous actions at local Chase branches, where we hand out our flyers to passers-by, deliver our Jamie Dimon letter to the branch manager, and disrupt business by reading our letter to Jamie Dimon out loud in the bank!  We love creative actions, such as holiday protests where we sing original climate-themed carols. These actions support national and city-wide STMP campaigns and are designed to send a clear message to Chase executives: “your profits are not worth the destruction of our home.”

We have partnered with NYC groups in these efforts: NYCC, Extinction Rebellion, 350NYC, Rise and Resist, Rainforest Action Network, and others. We have participated in city-wide actions, such as a march to commemorate Hurricane Sandy and actions at Chase and Blackrock headquarters in midtown Manhattan.

The national STMP movement kicked off  in 2020 with a report from the Rainforest Action Network that showed that Chase Bank gave more money to the fossil fuel industry than any other bank in the world--over $268 billion since the Paris Agreement in 2016.  This report was followed up by an Op-Ed in the NYT by Bill McKibben and an action at a Chase Bank in Chicago where McKibben, Jane Fonda, and others were arrested.

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STMP is currently on pause, please check out our other workgroups in the meantime.