08/29 – Shoe Strike for Climate Justice

If you still want to protest, and march, and yell for climate action but don’t want to risk in-person events… send us your shoes!

We are planning a SHOE STRIKE on August 29th, as part of a global action calling for strong climate action and in particular a demand for climate justice for the most vulnerable populations. Instead of a group of people, a group of shoes will represent us, each one calling for action on our behalf. The shoes will be peppered with signs of protest and messages of hope for a livable planet.

We are looking for donations of kid and adult shoes to be a part of this exhibit and represent your voices.
We suggest you give shoes you no longer need as we cannot return them all. ALL SHOES WILL LATER BE DONATED TO CHARITY
unless reclaimed in person at Borough Hall.

So instead of putting on your marching shoes, please drop them with us, along with as many others as you can coax out of your planet-loving friends/neighbors/kids. Skip to the end for instructions on how to get shoes to us.

We also welcome you to come by Borough Hall and see the exhibit yourself between 10am and 12pm!



WHAT: Shoe Strike for Climate
WHEN: August 29, 10am to 12pm
WHERE: Brooklyn Borough Hall (on the plaza by the staircase)
WHY: The coronavirus pandemic has thrown the racism and inequality built into our society into stark relief. This makes it all the more clear what will happen as the climate crisis worsens: under-resourced communities of color will suffer disproportionately. We must demand not only climate action but climate justice – a transition to clean, renewable energy in an intentionally just way that doesn’t leave disadvantaged communities behind.


Option 1: Bring to Borough Hall
You can bring your shoes directly to the event (info above). You may then pick them up after the event or leave them with us to donate.

Option 2: Drop-off
Email to get the drop off addresses in North Slope, Bed Stuy or Center Slope.

Option 3: Pickup (Large batches only)
If you have a large batch of shoes and are unable to drop off we can attempt to arrange to pick up from you.