As parents in the age of the climate crisis we have a lot on our plates. First there are all those lifestyle changes - less plastic, more composting! - then we have to teach our kids about nature, climate change and activism, all while managing their eco-anxiety. Not to mention our own eco-anxiety! It's a lot and nobody can do it alone, nor can we effectively fight climate change as individual families in a fossil-fuel-driven society.

350Brooklyn Families is a place where we can come together and push for the cultural, societal and political changes we need to succeed in passing on a livable planet to our kids. Together we can give a voice to Brooklyn parents who are concerned about the climate crisis as well as create opportunities for children to get involved in climate activism.

We urge you to get involved as much as you can, while recognizing that as parents we are stretched in a million directions. Our actions are always family- or parent-friendly and inclusive. Turn up to an event, help out with tasks from afar, organize with us - there are many ways to plug in!

It's big, it's daunting. But it is not a lost cause, and we must remember that.

Mary DeMocker, WaPo 02/18/20