State/Federal Legislation

One of our key campaigns is the work 350Brooklyn does to advance climate legislation in New York State.  We are stalwart members of the New York Renews coalition, and we often work in cooperation with other groups and coalitions.  We support a just transition to 100% renewable energy, push to ban the construction of all new fossil fuel infrastructure, and support taxing polluters to support a just transition.  Our focus is on the nine State Senators and twenty-one Assembly Members who represent Brooklyn neighborhoods, working to persuade them to pass strong climate legislation in Albany.

At the federal level 350Brooklyn works to advance genuinely effective climate legislation in Washington that supports climate justice. We focus on Brooklyn’s delegation to Congress through applauding their support for good climate legislation or working to persuade them to support such legislation.

The Legislation Workgroup organizes town halls, meets with legislators, canvasses in our neighborhoods, researches legislation, makes phone calls, writes letters, posts on social media, testifies at public hearings,, and does everything we can to get our state government to take bold climate action. Join us!

We are proud of the work we did as part of the NY Renews coalition to pass the Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act in 2019. Read about the law here.   Among the most ambitious climate legislation in the nation, the CLCPA sets clear mandates for NYS that require us to follow a clear timetable in lowering our greenhouse gas emissions until we reach net zero by 2050.  However, a law is only as good as its execution. The CLCPA mandated the creation of a Climate Action Council that produced a Scoping Plan that lays out pathways to accomplishing the CLCPA goals.  We now support laws and regulatory changes that will let NYS reach its goals.