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350Brooklyn works locally to address the climate crisis through education, legislation and direct action. We are one of more than 200 international affiliates of 350.org

Our History

350Brooklyn was founded in the winter of 2015 by a small group of people who had worked on the 2014 People’s Climate March. Since then we have grown into a vital organization with a steering committee, workgroups, several campaigns, and a mailing list of more than 3500.

We have played a significant leadership role in the campaign to Stop the Williams pipeline, we have been a consistent ally in the passage of the Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act and joined with others to win significant concessions during the rezoning of the Gowanus neighborhood,  and supported the passage of key NYC climate laws such as ones banning gas in new buildings and promoting electric school buses.

We have developed relationships with numerous legislators, organized town halls, panels, film screenings and rallies, gathered petitions, published op-eds, marched in parades, and performed street theater.

We have formed strong partnerships with an array of organizations at the forefront of the climate movement in NYC. Although we receive no funding from 350.org, we benefit from its resources and leadership on specific issues and campaigns. 

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Structure and Governance.

Although we are not a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization, we are under the fiscal sponsorship of the non-profit group SocialGood.  Since our inception we have been an all-volunteer group with a flat, democratic structure.

350BK has a 12-member Steering Committee that meets monthly. Members of the Steering Committee are either leaders of a current campaigns or working groups. The Steering Committee makes all decisions democratically by building consensus.

In our workgroup and committee work, we adhere to principles in which each person has a voice and all work is respected.  In our organizational structure and decision-making we strive to balance the cohesion that promotes effectiveness with a flat structure that promotes egalitarian participation. 


Our Workgroups

Some workgroups handle our ongoing needs, such as the media team, and others are based around issues such as passing a “polluter pays” fee and divesting from fossil fuels. We organize campaigns based on what we perceive as the best opportunities to end the use of fossil fuels and promote a just transition to a sustainable future. 

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350Brooklyn is financially independent and relies on individual donations. Although we are not a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization, we are under the fiscal sponsorship of the non-profit group SocialGood. Donations made to 350Brooklyn through SocialGood are tax-deductible.

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