Meet the Steering Committee


Mimi Bluestone

Climate Idea Exchange

Mimi Bluestone is co-leader of the Climate Idea Exchange, which produces 350Brooklyn’s Climate Wednesdays series. She spent years working as a journalist and editor and then as a Brooklyn teacher (yay Murrow), always with an eye on climate and the environment. She wants a livable climate for her own children, the students she taught, and everyone else on this beautiful earth.


Wendy Fried

Climate Idea Exchange

Wendy Fried is co-lead of the Climate Idea Exchange. After a career in law, she worked as a financial journalist and wrote about the greed of corporate executives, which turns out to be a thing. Every day she draws inspiration from the 350Brooklyn community, from climate justice activists all over the world, and from nature—whether in Prospect Park or, less frequently, on a mountaintop.

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Sara Gronim

Admin Team, Legislation Committee

Sara Gronim is the lead for the Legislation Committee and also heads the Administrative Team. A retired professor, she taught environmental history, among other things, for many years. She has lived in Brooklyn for forty years and is deeply committed to ensuring that all living beings in Brooklyn and elsewhere can thrive in the years to come.


Lynn Neuman

Gowanus Coalition

Lynn Neuman is the primary liaison with the Gowanus Neighborhood Coalition for Justice. As an artist, directing Artichoke Dance Company, Lynn has been working in and around Gowanus for nearly a decade. Her former dog, Sunny, led her to environmental activism (hear the story here) and she is currently studying environmental policy at the New School. You can find her in Prospect Park every morning with her dog, Seraphina.

Danica Novgodoroff

Danica Novgorodoff

Stop The Money Pipeline

Danica Novgorodoff is a co-lead of 350Brooklyn Stop the Money Pipeline (STMP) Campaign. She is an artist and writer, currently working on a graphic novel about climate change featuring young climate activists. She is also a mom to two little girls.

Georgi Page_350Brooklyn_FINAL

Georgi Page

City Action Committee

Georgi is a lead coordinator for the City Action Committee. She brings her private sector experience as a marketing executive to the art of organizing, as well as boundless enthusiasm and curiosity about optimizing processes. Originally from Minnesota (Midwest represent!) she grew up in its vast lake country, with an ingrained appreciation for wildlife, the seasons and the planet.

Ella Ryan

Ella Ryan

350Brooklyn Families, Website team

Ella is a co-lead of the 350Brooklyn Families group, and is also on the website subcommittee. A recent transplant from the UK, she is a freelance web applications developer and mom of two. She remembers having nightmares about “global warming” at age 5, so when her own children were born years later and the situation had only gotten worse, she felt the need to be more actively involved.

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Judy Schneier

Stop The Money Pipeline

Judy Schneier is a co-lead of the Stop the Money Pipeline (STMP) Campaign. She is a clinical social worker with a private psychotherapy practice. Judy is interested in the psychology of climate change denial and inaction. Judy stays cheerful by walking in the park with her dog, Sonny. She has lived in Brooklyn for 30 years.

Jeremy Sierra

Jeremy Sierra

Media Committee

Jeremy Sierra is co-lead of the Media Committee. He has a background in nonprofit communications and currently works for Johns Hopkins University as a writer. Active with 350 groups for about 10 years (with a couple of breaks to have children), his two young daughters keep him busy and inspire him to do everything he can to create a just, livable future.


Jan Thompson

Plastic Free Team

Jan is co-lead of the Plastic-free Team. She grew up in a small oil town in Oklahoma. Her father, who worked as a chemist in the refinery, consequently suffered health problems. An advocate for animal rights in her early years, she has since turned her eye to the interdependent web of all beings. She co-created the “Diorama of Extinct Homosapiens” exhibit and action at the Museum of Natural History with FUUB minister Ana Levy Lyons. Her day job is Digital Project Manager and she currently does work for the Whitney Museum of American Art.

NY Renews CCIA rally

Laurel Tumarkin

350Brooklyn Families

Laurel Tumarkin is a co-lead of 350Brooklyn Families Group. She has a background in policy advocacy and currently works for a local climate group. Laurel is the parent of two children who inspire her climate activism and look pretty cute at marches.

Ieva Zadina

Ieva Zadina

Stop the Gowanus Peaker Plant

Ieva, born on a farm in Latvia, moved from Michigan to Brooklyn in 1968. She is co-lead of the Stop the Gowanus Peaker Plant, with the vision of stopping all fossil fuel infrastructure. After careers in teaching, publishing and ordained ministry, this phase of her life is devoted to falling in love with the Earth again, learning from it how to live ecologically, and how to protect it from human-caused harm.