Media Committee

With so many multimedia platforms, there are numerous ways to organize, and get involved in combating the climate crisis. We all have access to a broad array of tools to promote individual, community, and legislative action at local, state, and federal levels. The Media Committee aims to make the most of these platforms. They find bold, creative ways to connect with fellow activists and engineer innovative solutions! 

The Media Committee manages all 350BK’s communication channels. These include our website, newsletter, and social media accounts, as well as press releases, fliers, articles, and op-ed pieces. All of these have tremendous potential to bring attention to our common cause. We need people with the interest and the skills to create original content in written and visual form. 

We welcome everyone – from those that are just getting started in their multimedia activism, to seasoned experts. We need writers, researchers, photographers, graphic designers, and anyone with influential media contacts. We’re always looking to strengthen 350BK’s media skills. To that end, we’re also holding the mainstream media to account, bringing a critical eye to normalization of the climate crisis when they fail to address its urgency. 

Join our team! We need strong actions to address this existential threat. Lend your perspectives and talents to help us spread the word. The more of us that speak up, the harder it will be to ignore us.