Media Committee

With the explosion of multimedia platforms, there are so many new, creative ways to organize and promote action on the climate crisis. The internet has made it possible to work within national coalitions from your neighborhood,  and have access to toolkits to promote individual, community and legislative action from small towns to the federal level. The Media Committee aims to make the most of these new platforms, finding creative and original ways to connect, act and share these innovative solutions moving us forward. 

The Media Committee manages all 350BK communications: the website, newsletter, social media accounts, and produces press releases, fliers, articles and op-ed pieces. This brings tremendous potential to fuel our platforms so  we need people with interest and skills to work on the creation of original content and form, in text and graphic formats. 

We welcome everyone -- those just learning that can offer their time and energy, to social media enthusiasts and experts, just as we welcome writers, researchers, photographers, graphic designers, and those with strong media contacts. We aim to develop social media skills as an organization, and strive to bring a critical eye to how the media constantly normalizes the crisis of climate change, failing to address its urgency. 

Join our team and add to the variety of perspectives we bring to spread the word on the realities of climate change and the immediate need for strong action to address it.