350Brooklyn Committees

Art & Design Committee

Contact: Ieva Zadina, email

The Art & Design Committee strives to create powerful visual images that focus public attention on 350Brooklyn’s message. We aim to inspire people to join the movement for a saner world.


  •  To create two- and three-dimensional work for specific events as well as to affirm the fundamental values of the environmental movement.
  •  To recruit art students, professional artists and anyone willing to donate time and skills to produce eye-catching and memorable visuals in all media.
Research Committee

Contact: Wendy Fried, email

The Research Committee researches the production and consumption of energy in and around Brooklyn in order to push forward the transition to green energy.  We track proposals for new fossil fuel infrastructure, proposals for new sources of renewable energy, and the ongoing activities of Con Edison, National Grid, and the New York Power Authority.   This is primarily a research group, with members following developments through on-line sources, library sources, and presentations at public forums.


  •  To serve as a resource for accurate, current information about energy issues in our geographic area.
  •  To propose actions 350Brooklyn might take, such as inviting a speaker to a meeting, designing a petition campaign, or disseminating information to the larger community.
  •  To track allied organizations’ efforts to transform New York’s energy landscape and to suggest coordinated actions when appropriate.
Education  Committee

Contact: Mimi Bluestone, email

The Education Committee aims to help people of all ages understand the causes, effects, and solutions to climate change. We are developing presentations for diverse audiences, including students, parents, teachers, and community organizations of all kinds, and we aim to organize events, such as film screenings, to promote climate awareness.

Legislation Committee

Contact: Ari Lieberman, email

The Legislation Committee keeps 350Brooklyn informed about relevant national, state and local legislation.  We promote policies designed to advance sustainable energy and to protect the environment overall. We take part in coalitions that work to further these goals, including NYRenews.


  •  To develop 350Brooklyn’s understanding of the legislative process
  •  To learn how other cities and states have taken action to limit climate change
  •  To develop ongoing relationships with our representatives so they understand their constituents’ position and to encourage them to become leaders in the fight for climate justice.
Media Committee

Contact: Molly Ornati, email

The Media Committee manages our communications: website, newsletter, Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram accounts, and produces press releases, fliers, articles and op-ed pieces.


  •  To reach the broadest possible audience throughout Brooklyn
  •  To educate people about the challenges of climate change and about solutions
  •  To provide timely, engaging and informative messages that inspire activism
Volunteer Outreach Committee

Contact:  Sara Gronim, email

Members of the Volunteer Outreach Committee do a host of tasks that support the work of 350Brooklyn.  The committee functions as a list-serve: emails requests for help go out once or twice a week, on average and people who are available volunteer for that particular request.  Examples of requests range from spending 5 minutes calling a legislator to press him or her on a bill to spending an hour at a farmers’ market talking to people about our campaigns.


  • To support the work of 350Brooklyn by carrying out the many tasks that add up to effective action.
  • To give 350Brooklyn members opportunities to help when and how they can.

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