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350Brooklyn is part of a worldwide mass movement to address the climate crisis.  We stand with those around the world confronting the fires, hurricanes, droughts and poisoned air, water and land of climate change and industrial pollution on a daily basis.  We stand with the citizens, students, governments, scientists, engineers, nurses, farmers and everyone in between, fighting for solutions.  

Stand with us. We need marchers, writers, artists, researchers, fundraisers, organizers, speakers, and more.  We need your concern, your skills and abilities, your passion and commitment.  Whether it’s one hour a month or a few hours a day – whatever is right for you – we’re so excited to have you.

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Action you can take TODAY!

Next General Meeting – June 14th

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Make Building Electrification the Law

Buildings are the largest single source of greenhouse gas emissions in New York State. Take 5 mins to help pass three important pieces of legislation to support building electrification this year in New York.

Vanguard SOS Instagram Storm!

If you have an instagram account, pepper Vanguard accounts with messages reminding them about the climate destruction they are funding.

Sign the Divest 529 Accounts petition

Sign this petition asking the state Comptroller’s office to divest 529 Plans (college savings) from fossil fuels. Invest in our kids’ futures, not in the destruction of their future!

Sign Our Local Law 97 Petition

A lack of penalty enforcement is threatening to undermine Local Law 97, aka the ‘Dirty Buildings’ bill! Sign this petition telling Mayor Adams you want him to fight for this law not undermine it.

Testify today! Your Voice Matters!

The Climate Action Council’s plan for NY is out! It’s not perfect. Use this guide to send in as many comments as you like!

Other ways to connect

Come to an Event

The core of our work is rooted in activism and there’s always something happening. We organize or participate in events of all kinds – marches and protests, town hall meetings, educational lectures, phone banks, socials, and more. Check out the calendar for upcoming events or sign up to the newsletter for event updates straight to your inbox.

Attend a Monthly Meeting

The 350Brooklyn monthly general meeting takes place on the 2nd Thursday of each month. Each meeting features an interesting speaker and is a chance to hear from our workgroups and ongoing campaigns.
Coronavirus Update: Monthly meetings will be held via Zoom until further notice. Meeting links will go out in our newsletter, or keep an eye on our calendar.