23 NY State Candidates Sign Onto Climate Leadership Pledge


For the past several months, 350BK has been asking all candidates to sign the “Climate Leadership Pledge” and show their voters that if elected they will be climate leaders.

By signing the pledge, candidates and representatives are telling their voters that they will:
1) work towards a just and swift transition to 100% renewable energy
2) “Price the Pollution and Fund the Solution”: make corporate polluters pay for damage they cause and use that money to fund the green energy future
3) Refuse money from fossil fuel companies, and
4) Support statewide “zero-waste” initiatives.

Gubernatorial candidate Cynthia Nixon signed on to the climate leadership pledge.  Green Party candidate Howie Hawkins has signed on as well.  However, the incumbent Governor Andrew Cuomo has not signed on.

Attorney General candidates Zephyr Teachout and Leticia James have signed on, but the other Democratic primary candidates, Leecia Eve and Sean Maloney have not.

Mark Dunlea, running as a Green Party candidate for NYS Comptroller signed on to the pledge, but incumbent Comptroller, Thomas DiNapoli has not.

350BK particularly focused on competitive races in the Democratic primary for the NY State Senate.  As many of you know, although Democrats have a majority of representatives in the State Senate, control and leadership positions were handed over to the Republicans, effectively blocking a vote on the Climate and Community Protection Act (CCPA) and other environmental bills. This was the work of a group of 8 breakaway Democrats called the Independent Democratic Conference (IDC) and one Democrat, Simcha Felder, who voted for Republican leadership.  Each of these breakaway Democrats are running in competitive primaries, and we asked both the incumbents and the candidates to take the “Climate Leadership Pledge”

Blake Morris who is running against Simcha Felder in the primary for the 17th District signed on to the pledge; Simcha Felder has not signed on. Additionally, seven of the primary challengers against the former-IDC members of signed on including: Jessica Ramos (13th District) Zellnor Myrie (20th District), Jasmine “Jasi” Robinson (23rd District), Alessandra Biaggi (34th District), Robert Jackson (31st District), Julie Goldberg (38th District), and Rachel May (53rd District). Of the former-IDC, Tony Avella (11th District), Jesse Hamilton (20th District) and Marisol Alcantara (31st District) signed on.

Ross Barkan and Andrew Gounardes both signed on to the pledge. They are running against each other in the Democratic primary for the 22nd District. The winner of that election will run against the incumbent Martin Golden, a Republican, who has not signed on to the pledge.

Julia Salazar, running in a primary against Democratic incumbent Sen. Martin Dilan in the 18th District signed on to the pledge. Sen. Dilan has not.

Additional representatives that have signed on to the pledge are Assembly members Robert Carrol, William Colton, Felix Ortiz,  and Walter Mosley.

Call your representative and ask them to BE A CLIMATE LEADER!
And on Election Day remember to BE A CLIMATE VOTER!

Here’s a full list of who has taken the pledge:

Cynthia Nixon – Democrat
Howie Hawkins – Green

Attorney General:
Leticia James
Zephyr Teachout

Mark Dunlea – Green

State Senate:

11th District
Tony Avella (incumbent)

13th District
Jessica Ramos (challenger against Jose Peralta)

17th District
Blake Morris (challenger against Simcha Felder)

18th District
Julia Salazar (challenger against Martin Dilan)

20th District
Zellnor Myrie (challenger)
Jesse Hamilton (incumbent)

22nd District
Ross Barkan (democrat running in primary – seat currently held by Republican Martin Golden)
Andrew Gounardes  (democrat running in primary – seat currently held by Republican Martin Golden)

23rd District
Jasmine “Jasi” Robinson (challenger against Diane Savino)

31st District
Robert Jackson (challenger)
Marisol Alcantara (incumbent)

34th District
Alessandra Biaggi (challenger against Jeffrey Klein)

38th District
Julie Goldberg (challenger against David Carlucci)

53rd District
Rachel May (challenger against David Valesky)

State Assembly
44th District – Robert Carroll (incumbent)
47th District – William Colton (incumbent)
51st District – Felix Ortiz (incumbent)
57th District – Walter Mosley (incumbent)