Dear Friends,

While the media has
been obsessed with palace intrigue, both
Trump and the Republicans have enacted or
introduced over 25 pieces of legislation
that will be disastrous for our
environment. We’ve put together a fact sheet with the 12 most egregious attacks for you to download.

Trump's Dirty Dozen


Here are a few suggestions how you can get the word out about the People’s Climate March:

  • Watch this great video about the march and post it on your FB page:
  • Video gets the most “play” on the internet. Taking a video is as easy as taking a photo, and it reaches exponentially more people. Make a video to explain why you’re going to
    march, show where to buy a bus ticket, or urge your friends to march
    with you. Film all of you making banners and signs. Share it on your FB
  • Two-call-Two. Call two people you know, tell them
    about the march and encourage them to join you. Call one
    person who you know will be sympathetic — and one person
    who you are not so sure about. Then ask them to do the same.
  • Every person has more “networks” than they think. Family, friends, work, faith, hobbies/passions/interests
    are all their own network. Talk to someone in each of
    your networks and explain why you are going to march.
  • Go to
    and print out some of their resources to pass out flyers.
  • Have your friends over for dinner. Good food and wine can go a long way! Tell them about the march, why you are going, and convince them to join you.
  • Email to let them know you want to help
    with this work.

Thanks very much!


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