[6.1.17] Trump to pull out of Paris: Call! Email! Rally!

Dear 350Brooklyn Members,

Today President Trump is expected to announce that he intends to pull the United States out of the Paris Climate Accords.  Should Trump take this action, of all the world’s nations only the US, Syria, and Nicaragua would stand outside this historic agreement on climate change.

Tell Trump what a serious mistake this action would be and how critical it is that Americans take every action possible to address climate change.

Let’s flood the White House with phone calls! 202-456-1111

Let’s stuff Trump’s inbox!   https://www.whitehouse.gov/contact

And let’s show him with our voices, our signs, our noisemakers, and our bodies!

Rally against the US Withdrawal from the Paris Climate Accords
Today–Thursday, June 1, 6 pm
Foley Square, Downtown Manhattan