[6.14.17] New Strategic Campaigns: Get Involved!

Since the election of a climate change denier President and his fossil-fuel-funded cabinet, we’ve been reacting to one threat after another: attacks on the EPA, rolling back the Clean Power Plan, pulling out of the Paris Accords, and more. 350Brooklyn has a plan for a more strategic and effective action, putting efforts into grassroots organizing and working with partner organizations and allies. Take a look and then decide how you’ll take action:

Climate Change Town Hall. This fall, 350Brooklyn will be partnering with other climate justice organizations to let our representatives know we want them to lead on climate change and we will hold them accountable. We want them to address the sewage issue in Gowanus and the heat zone of the Peeker plant in Central Brooklyn. We want mitigation and sustainability plans, and we want to green our city. We are looking for volunteers to develop written materials, conduct outreach to local reps, meet with local organizations. Contact to volunteer.

Stopping the Williams Pipeline. The Williams Pipeline is a proposed fracked gas pipeline that would cross New York Harbor just offshore, putting not only our coastline at risk but our future. It is essential that we stop this new infrastructure that will only move us further toward catastrophe. We need volunteers to work extract information from the Environmental Impact Statement when it’s published, write up talking points, testify at a hearing. Contact to help.

Carbon Tax. A New York State carbon tax would lead to a rapid decline in the use of fossil fuels, support for low income people’s utility bills, and investment in renewable energy. It’s an essential step in avoiding climate chaos. Can you help develop and carry out a strategy to put New York State on the forefront of fighting climate change? Please email to volunteer.

More Ways to Join In

Push divestment forward! Are you a member of a NYC employees union (DC 37, UFT, PSC, TWU, Teamsters 237, Police, Firefighters, CWA 1180, or PSC-CUNY) or a NYS employees union (NYSUT, CSEA, UUP)? If so, DivestNY would like to hear from you.  DivestNY is gathering union members from public service unions (see list below) who are interested in making divestment of NYCity and NYState pension funds from fossil fuels a reality. The NYC feasibility report on divestment is due in September and we expect a “yellow light” on the project. Unions with pension funds need to let their opinions be heard. If you are a union member, contact with the subject “unions divest.”

Sunday, June 25: a fair day for tabling. Staff a table for an hour or two, and tell people about 350Brooklyn’s work and why it matters. We need volunteers between noon and 6 pm at the Smith Street Fair. Or help us dream up an activity for kids to do at the Smith Street Fair. Face painting! Coloring! Making lemonade! Got an idea or a talent you can share? Email with your ideas or to volunteer.

Join the new Education Committee. Do you have skills in curriculum development, writing, graphic design, art? Our goal is to help people of all ages understand climate change — causes, effects, solutions, politics, and, especially, actions we in Brooklyn can take. We welcome anyone with an interest in climate education to help us develop materials and activities. Email to volunteer.

350Brooklyn June meeting featured straight talk on the theme of “Intersectionality,” and the way our multiple identities (class, race, gender) impact our approach to climate change and climate justice. Pictured from left to right, Mark Winston Griffith, journalist, professor and founder of the Brooklyn Movement Center, Karen Blondel, leader of the Fifth Avenue Committee’s Turn the Tide project, and Michael Higgins, a full time activist of FUREE.

Join the new Finance and Fundraising Committee. Sometimes effective activism takes money. Do you have experience managing non-profits and/or fundraising? Your expertise can help 350Brooklyn reach more people. Email to volunteer.

Plan the Picnic. Our August 350Brooklyn General Meeting will be a potluck picnic in Prospect Park! If you can have some time to help with planning and logistics, email .

Put Pressure on the Independent Democratic Conference. On Wednesday June 7th, all eight members of the Independent Democratic Conference introduced the New York State Climate and Community Protection Act of 2017. We must pressure them to prove they can lead on the bill by actually bringing it to eh floor for a vote. Can you make a phone call or meet with a state senator? Email to help.

What you can do right now, wherever you are.

Keep the pressure on Albany to pass the Climate and Community Protection Act! Email Governor Cuomo! Call Governor Cuomo! Tweet at Governor Cuomo! And call your State Senators and Assembly members. The goal of the Climate and Community Protection Act (A8720 / S6617 ) is to get New York to rely on 100% renewable energy by 2050 (and 50% by 2030), and to achieve this goal in an equitable manner that provides resources for vulnerable and front-line communities and establishes specific protections for workers.

Support Brooklyn Movement Center’s citizen journalist project “Brooklyn Deep: Reporting Our Truth.” This project by an ally of 350Brooklyn will help people in central Brooklyn tell their own stories with citizen journalism, rather than having it told for them. Donate to their Kickstarter campaign here!

Share. Most people talk about climate change only once or twice a year. Share your concern about climate change on social media, talk to your friends and family, and tell others why you care.

And remember, every Monday is Call Cuomo Mondays. Tell him to block the Pilgrim Pipelines that will bring petroleum and petroleum products between Albany and New Jersey, threatening local communities and furthering us along the path to climate chaos. Learn more here and call 866-848-4075.