[8.26.17] URGENT: tell Cuomo carbon taxes matter!

Dear 350 Brooklynite,

We don’t email you often, but when we do, it’s critical. This is one of those times.

Carbon taxes are essential to moderating out-of-control carbon emissions. New York State does not have a carbon tax. We need to change that.

Senior representatives from Governor Cuomo’s office are coming to our General Meeting on September 14th. We want to hand them thousands of signed letters urging the Governor to take leadership by making polluters pay for their emissions.

PLEASE use one of these two easy methods to make your voice heard on this critical issue.

Method 1: Collect physical signatures
Just print out copies of the the attached PDF, and collect as many signatures as you can. Ask friends, family and co-workers, or hit the local greenmarket or subway stop.

You can email to arrange for pickup, or just bring them to the General Meeting on Sept. 14th. (Also, feel free to ask for support on canvassing. We have partners, tips and ways to make it easy.)

Method 2: Digital sign & share
Just sign this e-letter, and then share it on social media as far and as wide as you can.
Be sure to add a personal message — it really helps. You might try something like
“This is a letter to Governor Cuomo demanding that he implement a carbon tax — please digitally sign and share! (https://goo.gl/forms/yCu7AahwddUa1r9h1)”

Thanks for doing your part for a cleaner, greener Brooklyn. It makes a difference.

Ari, for the Steering Committee