At Year’s End to the 350Brooklyn Community

As we approach the turn of the year when the nights are long and when we are isolated indoors by both the weather and the pandemic, we’d like to reflect on our experiences of this past year and express our hopes for 2021.

We begin with an acknowledgement of the profound difficulties of these past many months. 350Brooklyn members have lost beloved family and friends to Covid-19, many of us have suffered damage to our livelihoods, and we have witnessed the sufferings of countless others. We pause to remember them.

Both the pandemic and the upswell of demands for justice in the wake of the George Floyd killing remind us that the impact of world historical changes — such as the climate crisis — do not fall evenly. A host of social factors like wealth, race, and citizenship profoundly affect who is vulnerable and who is not. The difficulties of this past election season and the rancor that remains in its aftermath are testimony to the work that lies before us as we strive for a more just and sustainable world.

And yet in 2020 350Brooklyn persevered, responding creatively and thoughtfully to our altered circumstances. We continued our lively informative monthly meetings, and our committees and campaigns flourished. We could celebrate some real victories, such as the final demise of the Williams pipeline, the engaging Plastic Free July campaign, and the superb Climate Wednesdays series. From the nearly 3,000 people who get our newsletter to the nearly 300 members who offer their time to volunteer in ways big and small, we give our deeply felt thanks.

We express our gratitude for the opportunity to work with great allies. We offer a big thank you to the groups in the Gowanus Neighborhood Coalition for JusticeRenewable RikersNY Renews, the Stop the Williams Pipeline Coalition, and to so many others who work alongside us as we work to calm the climate crisis and make New York a model for a democratic, egalitarian, and sustainable society.

We go forward into 2021 with high hopes. We will push forward with our work to get banks to divest from fossil fuels, ensure that the Gowanus neighborhood is rezoned to the benefit of all its residentspass polluter pays legislation in Albany, block the repowering of the Gowanus Peaker Plant, bring climate information and inspiration to others via our new podcast and so much more.

And, especially, we look forward to working together with you all as we journey together towards the world we want.

Peace, love, and light,
The 350Brooklyn Steering Committee
Ari, Ella, Ieva, Georgi, Jan, Jeremy, Judy, Laurel, Lynn, Mimi, Sara, and Wendy