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Climate change is a monster of a problem.  At 350Brooklyn we believe that pursuing solutions on many fronts is key to effective action. Consequently, we focus on campaigns with a clear focus that will move us closer to the resolution of this crisis.

Getting involved in a campaign can mean anything from participating in rallies, writing op eds and letters to the editor, visiting legislators, passing out flyers at places like farmers markets, making phone calls to elected officials, to designing posters.  Some people can help only occasionally, others help often—no pressure!  Whatever you can do to help is welcome!

Here are our current campaigns with contact information for each of them:

  • The Climate & Community Protection Act: The CCPA provides that New York State get to 100% renewable energy in all sectors of the economy by 2050, in a way that guarantees a just transition with green energy jobs and protections for labor and frontline communities. The legislation has a real chance to pass this Spring. Work will involve calling and meeting with State representatives, going to Albany, writing op-eds, attending marches. Our leads are Ari Lieberman and Claire Chandler.  Email:
  • The Green New Deal: 350Brooklyn is joining the push for a Green New Deal that calls for a national commitment to address climate change! The campaign will target Congressional Reps and presidential candidates with sit-ins, bird-dogging and other actions until they commit to passing legislation that ensures a just transition to a 100% renewable energy economy, building sustainable infrastructureand refusing all fossil fuel campaign contributions. Our leads are Chris Toth and Laurel Tumarkin. Email:
  • Stop the Williams Pipeline: The unnecessary and dangerous fracked-gas pipeline traveling right by Staten Island, Brooklyn and ending in Queens must be stopped! Join our ongoing campaign to put the necessary pressure on all of the decision-makers to make sure this pipeline doesn’t get built. Leads are Sara Gronim and Robert Wood. Email:
  • The Dirty Buildings Bill: City Council Bill #1253 has the support of the majority of the councilmembers and will slash emissions of the city’s biggest polluters: large, dirty buildings, 30% of NYC’s carbon footprint.  We are working to bring the final Brooklyn senators on board and working to ensure the law is not weakened by real-estate special interests along the way. The work involves research, meeting with community groups and councilmembers and supporting an information campaign. Leads are Molly Ornati and who?   Email:
  • Plastic Bags, Plastic Waste:The average American tosses between 300 – 700 plastic bags a year. In a landfill, each bag can take up to 1000 years to breakdown.  Many end up in the ocean, killing countless marine animals. We are working to pass legislation in New York State to ban single-use plastic bags, and place a fee on paper and thicker plastic bags to encourage New Yorkers to bring their own. Through in-person and social media outreach, we hope to educate consumers about alternatives– and why we should embrace them. We urge Governor Cuomo to keep New York State, and our surrounding oceans, from choking in plastic. Leads are Dan Donohue and Lynn Tondrick. Email:
  • The Brooklyn Public Library Speaker Series: 350Brooklyn has been invited to host a series of talks and panel discussions at the Brooklyn Public Library during Fall 2019/Spring 2020 directed at audiences who want to learn what they can do locally to address climate change. Work on this will involve research, writing, outreach to speakers, planning and promoting the series to ensure its success. Leads are Wendy Fried and Mimi Bluestone (is this right?)  Email:
  • Gowanus Environmental Justice Initiative: In this campaign we are an ally to the Gowanus Neighborhood Coalition for Justice, working to ensure environmental justice in the Gowanus superfund remediation and rezoning process. In this role, we stand with coalition partners at meetings and rallies, conduct research, and help organize, testify and build information campaigns. Lead is Lynn Neuman.  Email:
  • 350Brooklyn Families: This offers opportunities for parents and children to come together both to learn about local actions that address climate change and to take action themselves. Meetings and events are scheduled at times when families are likely to be able to attend. Babies and small children welcome! To join the special mailing list and be alerted to meetings and events, email

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