Climate Wednesdays Dec. 11: Green New Meal

Green New Meal: The Food-Climate Connection

Wednesday December 11th, 7:00pm to 8.30pm
Commons Lab at Brooklyn’s Central Library

Come join us and our panelists for our 4th Climate Wednesday! This time, let’s have a chat about what’s on our plate.

More info:

What impact does what we eat have on the climate?
How has the climate crisis impacted what we produce?
How do we protect both the climate and our food supply?
Who’s farming in Brooklyn, and how?

The talk will feature natural foods chef and radio host Bhavani Jaroff as moderator, along with food and climate activist Nancy Romer and Farm School NYC director Onika Abraham as panelists, as well as a slide presentation by Nancy Henderson, policy director of the Northeast Organic Farmers Association.

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