Group Norms

A healthy group has the following qualities / attributes:

  1. Has a shared vision and common goals
  2. Is focused on the goals of 350 (not on individual agendas)
    • Shares a vision of mobilizing and empowering many volunteers
  3. Identifies clear individual roles, and ensures that members share work equally
  4. Maintains a high level of trust and mutual respect for each other
  5. Looks out for each other and treats each other with kindness
  6. Builds trust by delivering on individual and group commitments
    • Shares Leadership: relies on the strengths and power of the group, rather than individual power, expertise and leadership
  7. Welcomes and practices open and honest communication
  8. Lots of communication in and outside of meetings
    • Sees value in exploring differences of opinion, welcomes dialogue to find understanding and develop consensus
  9. Sees interpersonal conflicts as an opening for learning
  10. Surfaces conflict transparently in the group through respectful exchange
  11. Inspires each other to “go for it” to reach for higher goals and achievement
    • Empowers others and avoids micro-managing each other’s work
    • Members can state their needs without worrying about judgment. There’s “love in the room” and a healthy awareness that we’re all learning and doing our best
  12. Has clear agreements on how decisions are made in and outside of meetings

*generously donated to us by 350 San Diego