Stop The Money Pipeline Campaign

350Brooklyn joins a national campaign to target fossil fuel

More than 20 organizations in 20 cities are focusing on Chase, BlackRock, Wells Fargo and Liberty Mutual.  The recent decision by BlackRock to divest from coal and prioritize sustainability shows we (and their endless search for profits) can force their hand, as they see the economic crisis climate chaos will bring. Chase is by far the largest financier, having spent $195 billion on fossil fuel investments since the Paris Climate Accord.  Chase’s ubiquitous presence and wide public recognition, provides opportunities to publicize who is funding the climate crisis and for consumers to know how the bank is using their money.

The campaign will involve a number of tactics, including actions at local branches, letters to Jamie Dimon, education around fossil fuel finance, banking alternatives and cutting credit cards, culminating in a series of national actions on the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, April 23rd. If you want to be involved in any way send an email to , subject line: Chase.

The first campaign planning meeting will be Sunday, 1/26 at the Commons Cafe, 388 Atlantic Ave., 4pm.   Check out these related articles:………