Trump to pull out of Paris: Rally!

350 Brooklyn supports Mayor de Blasio’s new executive order recommitting New York City to the Paris agreement. But it recognizes that the order is not enough to ensure a just and sustainable future for city residents.

New York City already has a law on the books committing to 80% reductions in climate emissions by 2050, which meets the Paris agreement’s baseline. Still, the city is not taking the bold actions needed to slash emissions, create good jobs and ensure justice across our communities. While a re-statement of the city’s commitment to Paris is unobjectionable, we need bold #ClimateJobsJustice policy solutions enacted, not just showy statements. 

Mayor de Blasio should enact the Climate Works for All agenda to require buildings to upgrade to modern energy efficiency standards, which would address the approximately 70% of climate pollution generated in the city (energy use in buildings) and create many thousands of good jobs. He should also commit the city to the Win Wind agenda and enter into a contract to purchase the city’s electricity from local offshore wind built with good, local, union jobs and community benefits. 

As President Trump and the federal government attacks our collective future, we need leaders at the state and city level to take the action needed to counter the devastation. We want real action from our leaders, not talk.

Members of 350 Brooklyn and other environmental groups will rally tonight at 6pm at Foley Square and march on City Hall to call on Governor Cuomo, Mayor de Blasio and Comptroller Stringer to take these and other bold steps.