Urgent: Help Bring Bill S. 6617 To A Vote!

BREAKING: The New York State Assembly passed the Climate and Community Protection Act last night!!!

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BUT this year’s legislative session ends tomorrow, and we need the SENATE to bring the bill to a vote!

**PLEASE CALL SENATOR TONY AVELLA TODAY AT (518-455-2210)** and urge him to bring the bill (S. 6617) to a vote before they adjourn for the year. (Tony Avella is the bill’s sponsor).

Here is a suggested call script:

Hi I’m a constituent, and I’d like to speak with your legislative director regarding bill S 6617.

[wait for legislative director, or chief of staff. If unavailable, ask for the director’s name, and when you can call back]

Hi, I saw that Senator ________ co-sponsored S 6617, the Climate and Community Protection Act, along with their colleagues in the IDC. I’m calling to say that Senator ____ must now bring the bill up for an actual vote. With President Trump’s disastrous decision to pull the United States out of the historic Paris Climate Agreement, passing strong climate legislation in New York has never been more urgent. The only way to do that is to bring the bill up for a vote. Can I count on Senator Avella to make sure the Climate and Community Protection Act is brought to a vote by the end of session?

[If they say YES]

Great! Which colleagues specifically will the Senator be talking to to make sure this bill gets a vote?….Ok, thanks, I will be monitoring the bill and look forward to it getting voted on.

[If they say NO, otherwise try to abdicate responsibility]

My impression was that the entire rationale for the existence of the IDC was that you can engage the Republicans to get progressive policies actually passed. If the Senator can’t guarantee that this critical bill gets a vote, are you saying that that’s not true?

This would be the most progressive climate bill in the country, and we all know that it’s a critical time for states to take action!