Day Against Denial

January 9, 7 pm:  Rally—Chuck, Step It Up!
9 Prospect Park West

Rally to tell Senator Charles Schumer that we want him to ensure that Trump’s climate-denying nominees are denied confirmation.  Trump’s climate change deniers  include the CEO of Exxon, Rex Tillerson, who has spent his career sowing climate change doubt and raiding the future to make himself and Exxon stockholders rich; Scott Pruit to head the EPA, though his is best known for suing the EPA and thinks the climate change debate is “far from over”; as Secretary of the Interior, Ryan Zinke, who wants to increase fossil fuel extraction at a time when we can’t afford it; and Rick Perry to head the Department of Energy.  Join us on January 9 at 7pm for the nation-wide Day Against Denial, to demand that Senator Schumer truly lead in his pivotal role as Senate Minority Leader, to ensure that members of his party ask hard questions of Trump’s nominees during their committee hearings and to do everything possible to ensure that Trump’s appointments are not confirmed.  Bring Signs!  Bring Flashlights!