BRIC’s “The Cost of an Urban Climate Crisis,” 12/9, 7:30pm

As part of its BRIC TV initiative, BRIC will present The Cost of an Urban Climate Crisis: Brooklyn #BHeard, a live-broadcast, town hall-style discussion, December 9 at 7:30pm. The discussion, hosted by Brian Vines (Senior Producer, BRIC TV), will take a look at the effects of climate change and the direct impact it has on Brooklynites/ New Yorkers.

From the devastation of Hurricane Sandy to ever-rising insurance rates, climate change has already begun to take its toll on our community’s standard of living. In a city where affordable housing is scarce and grocery and utility bills are climbing, how can we make ends meet and plan for the future? We may think of climate change as a problem for scientists to solve and world leaders to enforce, but it’s here now, already affecting us all–especially the lives of struggling families.

While the global community debates climate change at the United Nations Conference in Paris, join us in Brooklyn on December 9th for a #BHeard Community Town Hall on the high cost of climate change, and how we, as a community, can better arm ourselves for an increasingly unpredictable future. We’ll hear stories from local activists and journalists, challenge our local politicians, and start a new chapter for Brooklynites championing urban environmental activism.

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