Carbon Free January 2021

All year, climate activists march, lobby, write letters, make phone calls, and do whatever we think will lead to the big systemic change needed to counter the climate crisis. But as January nears, and we are making our new year’s resolutions, we wanted to look more deeply at our own personal choices.

So we created the Carbon Free January Challenge as a fun way to experiment with inviting more sustainability into our lives. This community-driven effort is both personal and political. We’ll make resolutions together, from going meat free to producing zero waste for a week (probably the hardest!) and share our biggest triumphs and challenges in the Facebook group.

When you sign up you’ll get weekly tips along with related legislative actions you can take on each new topic. We’ll also feature some great panelists and discussions.

Week 1:  Car(bon) free week

In week one we ditch the car and instead pedal, walk or float our way around town!! Join us as we take some actions to help the city become more bike friendly and ease the way for electric cars and school buses.

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Week 2 – Meat free week

In week two we’ll swap beef for beans and learn just how delicious vegan meals can be. Bring on the cashew cream fettuccine and jerk spiced vegan tacos! Did you know cows may cause more damage to our environment than cars? Shifting away from meat to a more plant-based diet may be the most effective personal action you can take to help stop climate change!

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Meat Free

Week 3 – Zero waste week

Now that you have the swing of this, let’s bring on the biggest personal challenge yet! In week four we’ll attempt to make zero waste, or at least make less trips to empty our trash! Learn the five secrets of zero waste living.

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Week 4 – Carbon Free Electricity

In week four we’ll shine some light on renewable energy options for the home. Don’t miss this week’s “Clean Power Hour” on Zoom!

Through consciously greening your daily life, you decrease your dependence on systems that emit carbon and other greenhouse gases into the atmosphere that contribute to the dangerous overheating of the Earth. Your green choices ripple out in your community, inspiring others to live with more green consciousness too. As you spend your dollars and energy on the world you want to live in, that world arrives. The impact of our personal actions when combined with legislative action multiplies exponentially and systemic transformation is possible.

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Week 4 - Carbon Free Electricity. Lightbulb image and text Let's sign some light on renewable energy options for the home. Don't miss this week's "Clean Power Hour" on Zoom!

Sign up to be part of this 31 day challenge, and we’ll challenge ourselves while we challenge the system.

AND we’ll have FUN!