Carbon Free January 2021

Week 1 – “(Car)bon Free”

Welcome to week 1 of going carbon free. Our challenge this week is to go car free for the entire week! We know most of you New Yorkers don’t have a car, so you’re already living a more carbon free life than the rest of the country— good job! We are lucky to live in a city that has great public transportation, but in the midst of the pandemic, you may be using a car more than usual. This week, instead of taking an uber or taxi, let’s pedal, walk or float on our merry way to becoming a fully sustainable city!


Hop on a bike and explore! Biking has exploded in NYC in the last few years, especially during the pandemic, because it is covid-safe, fun, and you can get everywhere quickly! AND most importantly it’s carbon free!

By investing in building more bike lanes and other infrastructure instead of more roads for cars, we send a message to the fossil fuel industry that their days are numbered – clean transportation alternatives are here to stay! In fact, according to Project Drawdown, the impact of investing in bicycle infrastructure will avoid 2.56-6.65 gigatons of carbon in the atmosphere by 2050. That’s a lot, so jump on your bike now and join the transformation!

Less cars + more bikes = Sustainable New York City!

  • If you are nervous of riding in traffic, fear no more. Thanks to the incredible advocacy of organizations like Transportation Alternatives, NYC now has a large network of protected and conventional bike lanes, through all 5 boroughs and the beautiful new greenways! Check out the NYC bike map which includes bike shops as well as details of biking on and offramps for all of the bridges!

  • Have a look at “100 things to know about biking in NYC”, for guidance from experienced bikers in the city.

  • Learn quick bike fixes and troubleshoot repairs at “Ask a Wrench: Bike mechanic zoom series” – Jan 6, 8:30-9:15pm.

  • For resources for all things biking from classes to group rides, check out Bike New York.


One of the great things about living in New York is that you can walk everywhere! It doesn’t get more human than walking. We are bipedal after all! Walking is healthy for our bodies and minds, and as we stroll, we connect to our local stores and community. And walkable cities help reduce carbon emissions!  This week, let’s fully embrace our walks whether it’s in our neighborhoods for errands, or in the parks for pleasure, or to eat at an outdoor restaurant at one of the new open streets, which are increasing the walkability and sustainability of our city! More like these please!

Less cars + more walking = Sustainable New York city!

Car(bon) Free Bonus – Take a walk and buy your morning coffee, or afternoon tea from one of the many local cafes where you can use your reusable cup!


As we are surrounded by water in New York, one of the most pleasurable modes of public transportation is by ferry! During covid, it is the safest means of public transportation because you can be on the top deck in the fresh air with plenty of space around you. And It’s really fun!

Less cars + more ferries = Sustainable New York city!

Car(bon) Free Bonus – Bring your bike on the ferry and link up with bike lanes across the river!

Electric vehicles

Bring on the EV’s! The future has arrived and it’s electric! Goodbye gas guzzling cars and your extractive fossil fuel ways. Move over & make room for the electric vehicles! Clean transportation is here to stay.   To make the full shift to EV’s, we need to encourage infrastructure and legislation that will enable us to switch fully to electric cars and buses. Check out our legislative actions this week to get fully on board!


#1 – Take Action for New York City Streets. Message your city council member here to support protected bikeways and bus lanes by building more infrastructure to accommodate the increasing number of cyclists. Let’s make our streets safer and more carbon free.

#2 – Join 350BK’s Power Hour via Google Meet on Monday (Jan 4) from 12-1 pm, where we will contact our electeds about the NY City Council bill to demand electric school buses (0455-2018)
Sign up here for the log-in info.

Bonus action – If you have an extra bike collecting dust, donate it through “Bike Match” to an essential worker or other’s in need of transportation.

For more carbon tips and to be part of the conversation, join our Facebook Group – 350 BK Carbon Free January Challenge.


*Please note that 350 Brooklyn does not necessarily endorse the organizations that we link to, but we want to share NYC carbon free resources with you!