Tag Carbon Free January 2021
11 Jan

Carbon Free January Week 2 – “Meat Free”

Our challenge for week 2 of going carbon free is to go meat free for the entire week!  Instead, we will relish in all things vegan and eat our way to a more sustainable world. Join the challenge and share your favorite meat-free resources!

30 Dec

Carbon Free January Week 1 – (Car)bon Free

Welcome to week 1 of going carbon free. Our challenge this week is to go car free for the entire week! We know most of you New Yorkers don’t have a car, so you’re already living a more carbon free life than the rest of the country— good job! We are lucky to live in a city that has great public transportation, but in the midst of the pandemic, you may be using a car more than usual. This week, instead of taking an uber or taxi, let’s pedal, walk or float on our merry way to becoming a fully sustainable city!