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24 May

Next General Meeting – June 14th

Sign up to attend our next monthly meeting!

18 May

Make Building Electrification the Law

Buildings are the largest single source of greenhouse gas emissions in New York State. Take 5 mins to help pass three important pieces of legislation to support building electrification this year in New York.

18 May

Climate Check: Episode 6

The issue of plastic waste can feel insurmountable. Where is all this plastic coming from? What are our elected leaders doing to address it? Do individual efforts to reduce plastic make an impact? Thankfully, Episode 6 of Climate Check is here to help you tackle each of these questions and more. Host Eva Dean is joined by 350BK's own Jan Thompson, lead of our Plastic Free team.

9 Mar

Testify today! Your Voice Matters!

The Climate Action Council's plan for NY is out! It's not perfect. Use this guide to send in as many comments as you like!

6 Mar

Join our Phone Bank Power Hour Team!

Got just an hour or two a week to fight climate breakdown? Join our weekly Power Hours, where we get the attention of people in power and demand change!

9 Feb

Decarbonize your district!

We are forming district-level teams for our "Decarbonizing District by District" project. Let us know your district so we can alert you when we start working on decarbonizing it!

22 Dec

The Power of a Just Transportation System: Hear Episode 4 of Climate Check

Vanessa Barrios, an urban planner with the Regional Planning Association Episode 4. The Power of a Just Transportation System is now live By Eva Dean Eva Dean is the host of Climate Check: Stories and Solutions, and is a member of Climate Idea Exchange. December 21, 2021•Listen now anchor.fm•Spotify•Google Podcasts•Radio Public•Breaker•Apple•website In episode 4 of […]

26 Oct

WATCH: Bringing Solar Home

Watch the video from last week's installment of the Climate Wednesdays series, "Bringing Solar Home: A Town Hall for New Yorkers"

25 Aug

Sign the Deadline Glasgow petition

Stop the Money Pipeline Coalition’s Deadline Glasgow initiative is gathering tens of thousands of signatures on a petition to demand that the US government and financial institutions stop funding the expansion of fossil fuel infrastructure and the destruction of tropical forests before the Glasgow Climate Talks on November 1, 2021.

19 Jun

Sign the Electric School Bus Petition

A diverse group of kids, citizens, activists, council members, bus drivers and advocacy groups have been asking for Electric School Buses for over twenty years, but now that the legislation (Intro 455) finally has enough votes to pass Speaker Corey Johnson is ignoring our calls for a vote on it!

30 Dec

To Our 350Brooklyn Community

As we approach the turn of the year when the nights are long and when we are isolated indoors by both the weather and the pandemic, we’d like to reflect on our experiences of this past year and express our hopes for 2021.

6 Dec

350Brooklyn Families Holiday Gift Ideas for Kids

 Aligning your hopes for our climate with the pressure of buying holiday gifts for kids is really hard, even in a normal year. We’ve compiled a few gift ideas for budding climate activists and kids of climate activists. We hope it helps and please join us on Facebook to share your ideas too!    Books  […]