Climate Check Episode 7: Calming New York Harbor: Billion Oyster Project

Pete Malinowski, Executive Director, the Billion Oyster Project

Episode 7. Calming New York Harbor: Billion Oyster Project

June 14, 2022•Listen now•Spotify•Google Podcasts•Radio Public•Apple•website

Learn about the Billion Oyster Project’s mission to restore the New York estuary’s reefs on the new episode of &ldquolClimate Check: Stories and Solutions” podcast series, which features an interview with the group’s executive director, Pete Malinowski. Pete comes from an oyster farming family and founded the New York Harbor School’s Aquaculture and Oyster Restoration Program.

“We don’t think of the environment in NYC as being this natural wonder”, states Pete Malinowski, the Executive Director of the Billion Oyster Project. In this episode we hear about the ways in which the city contains that wonder, and how Billion Oyster Project helps sustain that vision of a healthy, biodiverse New York Harbor with the power of education. Also in this episode: Pete shares his climate story, we chat about the role of education and equity in conservation, and learn just how oysters can help us with climate change.

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