Global Climate March NYC, 11/29, 2pm

In the aftermath of the horrific events in Paris, French authorities have said they will not allow the massive march that had been planned for Nov. 29, the day before the UN Climate Talks begin. Although the situation in Paris is fluid, marches and other climate activities around the world that same weekend will go on. More than 2,000 actions in 150 countries will take place – and we’ll be part of that international demand for climate justice here in New York City!

Please join us as we call on Mayor de Blasio to make strong commitments on climate before he goes to the talks in Paris. The climate crisis is real and NYC must take leadership by enacting policies that dramatically reduce our carbon emissions. NYC alone produces more greenhouse gas emissions than 97 countries!

We know it’s a holiday weekend when people often spend time with families. Let’s take a few hours on that Sunday to re-commit ourselves to our global family. Let us gather in a unified call against violence and hatred and for climate justice and peace. Bring your families and friends!

Sunday, Nov. 29th @ 2 pm
East side of City Hall on the plaza.

Initiated by People’s Climate Movement NY which is a coalition organization of climate, environmental, labor, faith and social and racial justice organizations in NYC

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