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350Brooklyn’s monthly interview podcast launches today

September 21, 2021Listen nowanchor.fmSpotifywebsite

This has been a wild, crazy year. Not only has the pandemic swept across the world, but we are consistently seeing extreme weather batter our standards of living. From forest fires to flash floods, from more frequent hurricanes to the highest temperatures recorded across the nation, the climate crisis is gaining ground.

This can be overwhelming, confusing, and scary — particularly for those of us dedicated to working towards a climate forward future.

So, for the past year, the Climate Check team at 350Brooklyn has been hard at work on a podcast to ask experts across NYC what we can do.

These conversations have varied in topic: from understanding how we get our energy through pipelines, to how composting is an act of resistance, and how what we read in the media can inform not only our views but those of our families and neighbors. It’s been enlightening, hopeful, fun, and eye-opening.

We’re launching today, on September 21st, and I’m hoping you’ll join us by taking a listen.

You can follow us on your podcast platform of choice; you can also find out more on the podcast’s website and on 350Brookyn’s Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook pages. Happy listening!

Episode 1: Patience, Perseverance, & People, that’s what you need

Hear show host Eva Dean and 350Brooklyn’s Sara Gronim discuss the growing movement against creating non-renewable energy infrastructure in New York City, the success of the Williams Pipeline battle she helped organize, and how one panel discussion led to years of crafting for a viable future for all Brooklynites.