It’s Now or Never, Senator Schumer, Rally on 10/26, 9am

On Wednesday, October 26th at 9am, we are gathering outside of Senator Schumer’s office, 780 Third Avenue at 49th St., to put pressure on Senator Schumer to publicly push FERC to issue a Stop-Work-Order on Spectra’s AIM Pipeline.

The Spectra AIM Pipeline is a high pressure fracked gas pipeline from the PA shale fields that runs under the Hudson River, 105 feet away from decaying Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant, and on top of two fault lines. Putting a gas pipeline this close to a nuclear reactor just north of NYC means that all of us in the metropolitan area are at risk, since we are in the blast zone for Indian Point. These pipelines have a poor safety record and are very prone to explosions. This is being done so private companies can transport fracked gas through our area to sell overseas. Read more here.

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