Did you know that New Yorkers have stopped more fossil fuel projects than almost every other state? We not only banned fracking, we stopped the Williams NESE Pipeline!

How did we do it? We organized our communities, we pressured Governor Cuomo, and we submitted A LOT of public comments. If we’re going to stop NRG from building a fracked gas power plant in Astoria we need to submit thousands of comments against it (and Danskammer!) and show Governor Hochul and the DEC that we know the science, we know the law and we are a massive, united movement that won’t stop until this project is halted for good!

The STOP Astoria NRG Plant group has been working together for over a year as we waited for permit hearings to be scheduled. Now that they are set, we are asking for all hands on deck to submit comments against the plant! They need not be complex and can be as simple as a paragraph, but we do know that comments that are personal are much more effective.

Here are some tips on writing comments and two different ways you can submit them:

  1. Register to attend the virtual hearings and deliver a statement on Tuesday, August 24 or Thursday, August 26, 1 pm or 6 pm either day. Information about how to pre-register to provide a statement via WebEx or phone is available online. To attend or deliver a public statement, please register in advance by 10am on the day before the hearing at which you wish to comment.
  2. Submit a written statement: Written statements can be submitted as late as September 13, but we want to deny this permit early and decisively, so sooner is better!