Rally June 29th!

Join us on June 29 to tell Senator Hamilton and the IDC that New York can’t wait for climate justice. While Donald Trump and his fossil fuel cronies have been dismantling the EPA and abandoning the Paris Climate agreement, our state legislature took no action on climate change. Despite devastating threats to our air, water, and climate, Albany lawmakers did nothing to address the most important challenge of our time. Why? The biggest reason is that the Independent Democratic Conference (IDC) delivered control of the state senate to Trump-style Republicans. It is unacceptable that Senator Hamilton is a member of this dangerous cabal. Join us Thursday at 10 AM in Brooklyn to tell Senator Hamilton that we can’t wait four years for climate justice. It’s time for Senator Hamilton and the IDC to end their climate-destroying alliance with the Republicans now. RSVP here: https://go.offfossilfuels.org/event/action_attend/322

***Food & Water Watch, NOIDCNY, Working Families Party, and our allies are cosponsoring events and actions on this same date in Senator Perlata’s, Avella’s, Alcantara’s, Hamilton’s, Carlucci’s & Savino’s 6 IDC districts. Please search our FB Events if you live in one of these districts for more info***