The Fight for Energy Democracy, 3/29, 7pm

WITH Sean Sweeney, Murphy Institute Professor and Trade Unions for Energy Democracy, and Kim Fraczek, Montrose 9 Resister and Sane Energy Project

Fracking has been banned in New York State. There is a glut of oil and gas on the market. The price of fossil fuels has collapsed.

Yet Big Energy is building more pipelines, compressor stations, storage facilities, and waste sites than ever before.

With the active connivance of government, the oil and gas corporations are leveling forests, seizing farmland, and threatening our water supply, binding us to an energy system that will ultimately kill us.

Come learn how workers, farmers, and ordinary people are fighting back to protect their families and the planet — and how you can help build the growing resistance.

We will be attending this event in lieu of our usual bi-weekly general meeting.

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