What’s The Media Missing? Hear Episode 3 of Climate Check: Stories and Solutions

Dr. Genevieve Gunther, founder and director of End Climate Silence

Episode 3. What’s The Media Missing? is now live

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In episode 3 of Climate Check, host Eva Dean chats with Dr. Genevieve Gunther, founder and director of End Climate Silence, a volunteer organization dedicated to help the media cover the climate crisis with the urgency it deserves.

Dr. Gunther is a literary and Shakespeare scholar who deep dives into language used in the media about the climate crisis. She also discusses how reading poetry can be useful in making connections between abstract ideas into concrete manifestations that is useful for the kind of systems thinking that is needed to counter the climate crisis. Spoiler alert, this episode ends with a poem by Andrew Marvell recited by Dr. Gunther.

Climate Check is a new podcast that takes on the big questions: Where are we now, and where do we need to go from here? Each monthly episode breaks down the climate crisis through conversations with local climate activists and community organizers. They share stories of the many ways the climate crisis affects our lives, how they got involved, and what we can do together to foster a world that is equitable and sustainable. We discuss individual climate stories and pinpoint policies and local actions that can make a difference and lead us to a healthier climate and a more just society—from fighting pipelines to working with nature and everything in-between.

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The Story of Climate Check

Climate Check was born out of a group of motivated Brooklynites eager to learn, share, and act. Spanning from different backgrounds and each bringing unique skill sets, the Climate Check team seeks to broadcast the conversations and share the information we wished we heard more about. What is happening in my neighborhood? How can I help? Fueled by pertinent information from passionate climate activists, Climate Check bridges the gap between those leading Brooklyn’s response to the climate crisis and the concerned citizens wanting to listen, learn, and make a change. Climate Check is ready for you wherever you are in your day: during your commute, on a walk, and while running errands. Climate Check isn’t just a podcast for scientists, climate activists, or leaders. Climate Check is for everyone who breathes air, drinks water, and cares about their community. Climate Check is for everyone.